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October 14, 2006


I am toying with the idea of a Christmas "business". Ok, I'm just going to add a blurb to my cousin's website and see if I get any hits. A colleague of my mom's gave these out as Christmas gifts a few years ago with pictures of the school.

How much would you pay for a glass ornament with your child/home/family member/pet's picture in it? Personalization (name, year, etc.) would also be available right on the picture.

It can be any picture you choose. Ornament shape/design only limited to the size of the picture.

Here's an example of a work in progress (I've decided against putting anything in with the picture as it simply detracts from the beauty of the ornament):

The picture doesn't do them justice. (The black box was added to the picture...the ornament is perfect.)


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