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October 26, 2006


They came.
They ate.

They left.

I'm constantly amazed at the amount of food these girls eat. Skinny little rails walking past me with two (2!) plates of food. We had enough food for everyone with a little left over for Hokie Hubby and I. Not a lot, thank goodness, but enough for us to have dinner.

It's difficult to actually grasp the idea of 34 people in your house. It didn't hit me until a line of girls started walking in the door. The line just kept coming! Luckily, we had seats for everyone and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Thank goodness for my "giant furniture" as my mother-in-law calls it.

Halfway through dinner, Hokie Hubby decided to go find our boys to see if anyone wanted to come out and at least be seen running through the living room. Hokie and Socks were no where to be found. They are EXCELLENT at Hide and Seek. Ollie ran into the living room to get away from Hokie Hubby. He reached about the middle of the room before he frozen in horror. You could almost hear his little kitty thoughts. "What the --!? Who ARE these people?" He then booked it for the patio where it was dark and quiet. Poor kitty.

Finally, all of the girls were extremely polite. Several etook their camera phones into the bathroom so they could take a picture of my bathroom. Now that's what I call good decorating. I received 32 "thanks for having us"'s as they came through the door and 32 "thank you, everything was so good"'s as they left. This could definitely become an annual event. I actually enjoyed it. Even though I didn't manage to smuggle a barn cat home with anyone.



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