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October 23, 2006

Welcome to the 2000s

The Hokie House is finally entering the new millenium. That's right people, we *finally* got DVR. As of about 10 minutes ago to be specific. We haven't been watching our movie as much lately (mainly Saturday nights to see the new movie of the week) so I asked Hokie Hubby what he thought about getting rid of the movie channel and getting DVR. Everyone I've talked to about DVR just raves about it. He agreed to try it out. So I called today, cancelled the movie channel, and drove 20 miles to pick up a new box and remote (thus saving myself the $25 service call and the waiting).

Can't wait to test this puppy out. Woohoo!

It is also important to note that Socks has entered the stage where he is highly embarrassed by his parents. The following picture was his response to my DVR euphoria.


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