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October 03, 2006

Very funny

Yesterday, I worked in a second grade classroom. Nice school, great principal, excellent teacher, and sweet kids. It was a very enjoyable afternoon - one that leaves me wondering why I don't volunteer to go to that school more often. Anyway...

I take my "teacher bag" to every subbing job. My "teacher bag" changes with my moods. Sometimes it's a bag with cats on it. Sometimes it's the tote my cousin made with pictures of Hokie, Ollie, Socks, and Lucy. Yesterday, it was my I Love Lucy bag. I love that bag. Not only does it match my makeup case and purse, but it has big arm loops so it's easy to carry on my shoulder. I don't have to look like a bag lady carrying my lunch, purse, and teacher bag around.

While we were in Jamestown, I almost splurged and bought the new bag they have out. However, it was a little to bright for my tastes and I decided not to shell out the big bucks to get it. I rationalized that if I decided later that I really wanted the bag I could put it on my Christmas list, or break down and order it from the gift shop online (oh, how I love the internet). I bought the Lucy-Desi Museum bag instead. Not everyone can get one of those.

Where was I? Oh yes, yesterday at school. As the children were getting their coats and bookbags from the coat rack to pack up, one little boy noticed my teacher bag. His face lit up with glee as he exclaimed, "Look! The three stooges!"

To quote J.anet E.vanovich: "Mental head slap."

I guess if you squint, Bill Frawley could look like Curly.
But Desi Arnaz? Look like Mo? Uh. No.


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