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October 30, 2006


Saturday was probably Hokie Hubby's last game at The College. The girls didn't know. Only Head Coach, Hokie Hubby, and I knew. They won, which was wondeful.

Hokie Hubby has thrown himself into finding a GA position (graduate assistant). That way he can coach and the college/univeristy will pay for him to get a master's degree. For us, it's really the best of both worlds. He's made his interest known to several schools in the area as well as one in Georgia.

The Georgia head coach has already contacted him several times with additional information or questions. It's a nibble, but it's been all good so far. The pay would be $500 less than HH is making now, but he would get paid for 2 semesters instead of the August to December contract he has now. So it's actually a raise. The other big "pro"s are several teaching job postings in the area and the fact that one of HH's best friend's from high school lives nearby. We wouldn't be totally alone.

Yes, I'd have to move away from my family and friends, but I'm actually feeling cautiously optimistic about this one. Provided we can find housing where we can bring Hokie, Ollie, Socks, and Lucy - I'm all for it. It's time to start LIVING!

Fingers crossed that whatever is supposed to happen, happens.


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