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October 09, 2006


I've never been particularly graceful. I accept it. My family accepts it - in fact, they love to tease me about it.

As a child, I decided I wanted to wait on the steps while my mom took a bath. Eventually I got bored and fell asleep on one of the top steps. This was all well and good until I turned over. Talk about a rude wake up call.

In second grade, I broke my arm doing a handstand in gymnastics class. I sobbed and sobbed in class about how much it hurt as my teacher's told me to dry my tears so I wouldn't upset my mother. I made it to the car before I told her how badly it hurt. We went to my grandma's house for a second opinion and then I was off to the hospital.

Then there was the time I was running to answer the phone and I broke AND sprained my right ankle. I was in a walking cast for weeks AND I couldn't march in band. Best thing that ever happened to me.

At Tech, I twisted my ankle pretty badly on some uneven sidewalk right outside my dorm.

And yesterday? I pulled another dilly. The house we live in has two steps. Total. I was walking down the steps to go to my parents house and suddenly I am flying through the air. Recycling bins are crashing and I am on the ground. Face plant. HH was walking behind me and immediately freaked out (he's so cute). After I had assessed the damage and decided I hadn't broken anything I answered that I was ok. Then I started to laugh. It's so typical me. Today I am sporting a skinned knee, skinned shin, really sore wrist, sore side, and an AWESOME bruise. It's probably the size of a softball and it has a bruise within a bruise. I'd take pictures...but ew.

What will I do to top this one!? I'm afraid to find out.


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