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October 16, 2006

More changes?

So! I had a whole post semi-composed in my head about my day. I was going to enthrall my readers (all two of you - - Hi!!) with stories from the classroom. I have classroom stories! Finally! It's only been four months. These were interesting classroom stories, too - all about my first day back at my mother's former school and the emotions and exploits I'd missed. Did I mention I had a puker today? It was a banner day.

Alas, you will not get to read about that today. Once again, we have soccer drama.

It goes without saying that this has been a tough season for HH and Head Coach - in fact, it's been the season from hell. Head Coach's job is on the line and the AD has sucked all the fun out of coaching. It's come down to a win at all costs bottom line. Now, I realize that sports, in general, are all about winning. However, according to HH, his division of college sports is supposed to be student athlete centered. As in, these kids are STUDENTS first, athletes second.

They've had 4 players quit. The backup goalkeeper turned starting goalkeeper had emergency surgery a two weeks ago. The team is pissed at Head Coach. Head Coach is pissed at the team. Parents are pissed at Head Coach.

And there is, HH. Stuck in the middle. On one hand he’s trying to maintain his loyalty to Head Coach while not pissing parents off in the process. Not to mention attempting to stand by Head Coach with the administration while not sabotaging what little chances he has at the head coaching position. He's walking a very fine line. He's doing a wonderful job. He's damned if he does and damned if he doesn't.

This weekend was another loss. Okay. Shellacking is more the word I would use. 5 – 0 Everyone is frustrated. (With a record of 0 – 4 – 1, of course they are!) Emotions are running high. The girls are mad at Head Coach for goodness knows what reason and refuse to talk about it with him when he brings it up. Head Coach is so caught up in the must win situation that he’s emotionally imploding. Two sides. Each with valid points. Neither side is willing to talk to the other and neither is willing to admit they’re wrong. It’s insanity.

I’ve heard through the grapevine (i.e. my mother) that my husband called her beside himself. He had sent Head Coach home for lunch and just had to talk to SOMEONE. Since I was working, she was a good second choice. She called me to give me a head's up so I can prepare for the night of talking ahead. It seems as though Head Coach had a meeting this morning with the AD. If he doesn’t win the next game, he doesn’t need to come back. HH will finish out the season.




No wonder HH couldn’t settle! He’s now been thrust into the middle of this insanity. He’s torn between being excited at the prospect of being a head coach and heartbroken because not only is Head Coach his boss, he’s his friend. Head Coach is not a bad man. Hell, he’s not even a bad coach! He loves the game. He loves teaching the game. Take it from this soccer novice – he’s a wonderful coach, not to mention a wonderful person. He does not deserve to be treated like this.

I swear, all I want to do is go down to The College and flatten the AD. And I’m not a violent person!

If you’re still reading, thanks. I needed to get this out. Please keep HH, Head Coach, and the team in your thoughts for the next few days. It’s going to be rough. I hadn’t planned on going to this week’s weekday game, but I can’t not go, now. HH needs me and I’d like to show some kind of support for Head Coach and his family.

Please let things work out. Please.


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