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October 25, 2006


Tonight is the night. The bitches, I mean, team is coming to dinner tonight.

I suppose calling them all bitches is a little to mean. There are only a few I do not like. Rationally, I don't have a reason to dislike any of them. HOWEVER, like my husband, I am an extremely loyal person. Some of these ladies (and I use the term "ladies" loosely) have been so nasty and awful to Head Coach that it taints my vision of them. I'm sure they're perfectly nice girls - when they're not being spoiled brats.

No matter what, I will be the ultimate hostess. My mother and grandmother taught me well. I will smile and be accommodating. I won't be thinking nasty thoughts about girls who are too big for their britches and think they know it all. I won't think of the two facedness of a particular player and while what she is saying to my face might be kind, what she will say when she gets back on the bus probably won't. Most of all, I won't be mentally comparing myself to them in all their collegiate-athlete beauty. I won't do it. Ok...I won't tell anyone I'm doing it, but I will be.

The house is clean thanks to Hokie Hubby's help. He's been my party slave for the past few days. The food is pretty much done. I'll wait until later to put out the last minute things that need to be refrigerated. Hokie Hubby is going to call me when they are about 15 minutes away, so I can whip off the furniture covers, scatter the boys, and do last minute things.

Thanks to everyone for their cleaning suggestions. I'm proud of how my house looks.

Wish us luck! Oh, and pray that they win. It'd be nice to actually celebrate this evening instead of sit through tense silence.


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