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September 21, 2006

Name change?

I swear I am going to change the name of my blog to Random Notions and Stories of Soccer because there sure as heck isn't a whole lot of teaching going on here. Nothing has come down the pipeline - teaching wise all week. Not that I am real upset about that. But that another story for a different day.

Last night Twin and I went to HH's home game. They won! Twin and I thought they played pretty well. Evidently we don't know diddly about soccer because HH and Head Coach were disappointed. Oh well. They won! That should count for something.

However, we were seriously creeped out by Opposing Team's head coach. First, he was really unprofessional - calling for calls that weren't there. Arguing calls that even I knew were right. When I can tell not one, but two players, are offsides then a coach arguing it is pretty dumb. Futhermore, his assistant was a moron. He wanted "roughing the keeper" calls when #1 - that's a football call and #2 the keeper wasn't "roughed". Then...THEN! He claimed keepers get 5 yards (as in no one is allowed to come within 5 yards of them).

Uh. No.

#1 - That's football again.

#2 - If that was the rule, HH would have played 4 years of Division I soccer at Tech, instead of one game (he had a career ending injury in that one game because someone "roughed the keeper").

Opposing Team's head coach further creeped me out after the game when one player was having a conniption and he PUT HIS ARM AROUND HER.

Do not touch the players like that.


HH got that speech again last night. It is too easy for things to be interpretted wrong.


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