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September 12, 2006


They finally won a game! Oh, thank goodness. After having two players up and quit on Thursday, emotions were running high. Friday's game was painful to watch, but today it was like a different team was out there again. I don't know what was different but those girls pulled it off. I'm so happy for everyone involved especially the coaches. They were getting very frustrated and very depressed. Poor guys.

Favorite trip memory:
After the girls won in overtime Head Coach sent HH out to tell the girls where to meet for cool downs and the post game discussion. One of the senior captain's breaks out of the crush of players, hugs HH, and tears off to find more people to hug. I wasn't the least bit jealous. In fact, I got a little choked up. Not only did they win, but they consider him a coach too. It's all he's ever wanted.

Finally...something good happened.

Oh...and some Lucy pictures*.
*If you click on the second picture and read what the door says, you will see that since CBS still owns the right's to I Love Lucy, you can't take pictures inside the museum or playhouse. So of course, I didn't....


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