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September 11, 2006

A confession

Sarocomical asks..." Where were you when you heard about it five years ago?"

I was at Tech, of course. HH had gone to work in his office in Holden just like every day. Twin was visiting for the week/end. She and I had decided to make Tuesday our shopping day. We were going to Roanoke for lunch at Olive Garden, a movie, and shopping. When we got up our cable was out. No television. Twin got on the computer to IM someone when a friend told her about the plane hitting the World Trade Center.

Since we had no television, we went to Yahoo! to see if there were news reports. We read what was happening at that time (9:30ish), but we really had no concept of what had happened. So, we left for Roanoke. During the forty-five minute drive to Roanoke we'd hear bits and pieces of news reports on the radio - but it still didn't seem real.

We did a little shopping and then hit Olive Garden. The restaurant was practically deserted. Waitresses were leaving to pick up their children from child care. Everyone was just going home. There we heard rumors of Roanoke being a target (something about the arsenal) and 10 other planes unaccounted for at the moment. Rumors were beginning to run rampant already.

After lunch, we went to a deserted movie at my favorite movie theater. Then we decided to go to the mall. However, we noticed the parking lot was incredibly empty when we pulled into the lot. Long story short, they had closed the mall. By this time, we decided maybe we should just go home. Better safe than sorry and all that.

I still remember walking into my apartment and seeing HH sitting on our tiny couch watching television. As I sat down beside him and he hugged me, the enormity of what had happened that day began to sink in. We watched the news reports in silence - just happy to be together.

There it is, my confession - I went shopping on 9/11.


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