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September 20, 2006

Commence melt down

In what some would call a moment of insanity, I actually heard myself tell HH "Why don't you see if Head Coach would like to stop at our house on the way home from one of the away trips that send the team right by the house."

I said it and then the thought flew right back out of my mind - pretty much the same way it had come into my mind. Imagine my suprise last night when HH got home from practice and told me the dinner at our house was on.

On what? Say that again.

Luckily, I have a wonderful husband and his boss has a wife too - so they realized setting up a dinner in two weeks with the men's team too would NOT be a good idea. Darn right it wouldn't. I'd hate to have to poison their celebration cookies.

Our dinner is set for October 25th. That gives me a month to get things ready. Clean the house, clean the garage, teach Lucy some manners, freak out a few more days...you know, the normal wifely reaction.

A part of me is totally overwhelmed and worried about getting everything done. However, another part of me is really excited. I know most of these girls come from upper middle class families, but hey - how many have actually been on a farm? Not a whole bunch I am thinking.

I wonder if Molly would help me let the cows out *accidentally* so the girls can experience chasing cows. Gotta have something to talk about on the ride home! Oooo or I could stick kittens in the bus while they're eating. Hmmm...wonder how many kittens that bus will hold.


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