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August 20, 2006


Evidently, I am obsessed with time.

I mean, it's true that I hate being late. The thought of being late makes my blood pressure skyrocket. I want to be somewhere at least 15-30 minutes before the time I have to be there just so I can assess my surroundings and familiarize myself with any potential issues.

When I lived in Oakbridge, I could drive to campus in 5 minutes. That's with lots of traffic and hitting all the lights red. However, I would still leave at least 45 minutes (usually an hour) before my class started so I would be there in plenty of time.

I distinctly remember rushing to band practice one night during high school and being very anxious because I was "going to be late". My mother informed me that I was not going to be late, I was going to be on time.

In the words, of Bear Bryant, "If you're on time, you're late."

Luckily, I married a man just like me. He is always early too. In fact, Head Coach has ordered him to BE ON TIME at least once this season. On time...not early. HH is struggling with that one as would I.

My point?

Look, just LOOK at my birthday presents!

I got two clocks!

The first one I have been oogling for months. It displays the time on the CEILING! On the ceiling! That means I can see the time without my glasses and without getting out of bed - heck, I don't even have to move. Open my eyes, oh its 4:15. I can go back to sleep. Hooray! Furthermore, it is a sound machine. The ocean, rain, and waterfall make me have to pee. The thunderstorm one is nice and the rainforest one is weird. However, the "summer evening" setting.




It sounds like "outside" here at the house! Since its summer and hot, I have fans running at night and I can't hear the summer evening sounds. Now I can! That's my favorite setting.

The second one is to replace my kitchen clock that my father broke while trying to change the batteries. It's only been 9 months. Anyway, the new kitchen clock is AWESOME for different reasons. This one has a remote transmitter that will give me the tempreture outside. How cool is that!?


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