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August 27, 2006

This and That

We decided on the cheaper cd/dvd drive. I can't see paying $160 when I can get a drive that is just as good for $30. Heck, I can buy 5 drives that are just as good. Here's hoping that this decision doesn't come back to haunt me.

My cousin (A Cubed's Mom) should be home from the hospital. She had another kidney stone attack last week. Luckily, the doctor her brother had for his cancer saw her and we may have found the source of the problem. She has 3 kidneys! All of them have stones. Plus a blood infection. She was mighty sick for a while. They're going to have to do some surgery to get her bladder straightened out (apparently her plumbing needs some work ;) ). My hope is that they can now get things straightened out. How she made it to almost 32 and no one ever mentioned she has an extra kidney is beyond me. Keep her in your thoughts please.

Mom and I made my grandmother's recipe for celery relish yesterday. That's right, I canned again. I think I like canning. Too bad we can't do it in the winter when its not so hot. I'm thinking peach jam next - if we have peaches left. I also learned an easy way to peel tomatoes. It was quite fun. I need more excitement in my life.

Preseason is over. Hooray! That means I get to see my husband somewhat more. Preseason always stinks. It's soccer widow-dom at it's worst. HH has 5 games in 8 days or something like that. All I know is I'm meeting his parents at a tournament this coming weekend (Labor Day weekend) and the following weekend I'm going to see the Lucy Museum! Oh yeah, there's a tournament that weekend too, but whatever. Soccer. Lucy Museum. Who do you think it gonna win? HH understands. Fingers crossed that Twin gets the days off. I think we'd have a lot of fun together. Of course, we always do.

By the by...LOVING this song. Playing it over and over via their myspace page. Finally, a use for myspace! Considering the last cd I purchased was their new album, I may have to go out and purchase the Cars soundtrack just for this song. It's so much better than the older versions.


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