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August 16, 2006


On several occasions I have been regaled with childhood stories of my husband. Haven't we all? I know for a fact that on more occasions than I would like to admit to the poor man has been bored to tears amused by childhood stories of me. I think it's part of having in-laws.

One of the classics is this little ditty:

As a young child (4 years old, I believe), HH was walking down the hill from his first home to his grandparent's house right down the hill. His mom would call his grandma to tell her he was on his way then she would watch him walk over the hill, while Grandma watched him walk down. As HH is tromping through the grass he comes upon a snake*. HH freaks (as would I) and runs back up the hill to his mom.

Leaving his shoes behind.

The joke was and is that he "ran out of his shoes" to get away from a snake.

Whelp, he's done it again. The other night we were outside watering the plants. I was giving the elephant ears a good dousing because I finally have one that is at least half the size of his mom's. It must be cared for so as not to die. I'd finished watering the elephant ears and started making my way down the beds watering the other things I have planted while talking to HH.

All of a sudden something was stinging me.

"Ow......OW!" I yelled. "HH something is stinging me!"
"Erin. Run!"

We'd happened upon a nest in the landscaping tiles. I think they were sweat bees. Whatever they were my sting hurts like a mother the dickens.

I immediately dropped the hose and ran to where he was standing and started figuring out what had happened. He had gotten stung on the foot before he realized he needed to run and I had been stung right above my ankle. He told me the bees had been starting to swarm around my feet when he yelled to me to run. We went inside to nurse our collective wounds.

Leaving his shoes in the yard, right where he'd run out of them.


* It is important to note that HH hates snakes. In fact, he shudders when he sees them on tv. He doesn't go near then when we go to the zoo. He's not however so afraid of them that he freaks out at the sight of rubber snakes. He leaves that to his aunt.


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