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August 31, 2006

Rock on

May I just take a moment to say...My mother? She's the best. We have the same sense of humor and a similar attitude - except she's a little calmer than me (ok, a lot calmer). Everytime we go out, even if it's just grocery shopping, we end up giggling throughout our trip. Today, my face hurt from smiling and laughing so much. It's been a long time since that's happened.

We went to Ohioville* today to get produce, hit the hardware store, and have lunch at Ohioville Kitchen (Amish food...HELLO!? Delish.)

I got a flat of strawberries for $5. Can anyone say strawberry jam? I can! I also got a wide mouth funnel and a jar grabber. I am a certified jam-aholic now. It's so easy!

I've been told, by mom, that I should "just say yes" to any subbing related question my father asks me. This will hopefully eliminate fights with him (loooooooong story there).

For example:

Dad: "Are you signed up to sub in District 9?"
Me: Yep.
Dad: "Are you signed up to sub in District 492?"
Me: Yep.

While I have moral and ethical issues with this tactic, I can't deny that I think it will work.

As we're driving to Ohioville today Mom asks, in the course of conversation, "Are you signed up to sub in Distrct 5?"

I didn't skip a beat. I gave her a silly grin and replied, "Yep."

She giggled all the way to Ohioville trying to figure out if I was or not.

Once again. My mom? She rocks.

That is all.


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