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August 15, 2006

New digs

In the effort to be safe rather than sorry, I will be moving my blog in the near future. This will include a complete name change and I will no longer refer to myself by my real name. Maybe I'll pick a new name to go by...like Tiffany or Tanya. I think I could pull off Tanya - basically it will be an identity crisis in my life.

Before you ask, no -my blog anonymity hasn't been threatened (to my knowledge), but I want to reconfirm my anonymous-ness.

Basically, I'm creeped out by all the shady dealings I've read lately.

I had been toying with the idea for a while, but two things happened that cemented the decision in my mind.

#1 - I came up with a perfect name for the blog. Well, perfect for me. It contains none of those trite blog titles like random or notions. Besides, it suits me to a "T".

#2 - I am eligible for some sort of Blogger Beta thing.

As of right now, it's set up, but the Beta program won't let me alter the background and graphics so everything is on hold. I like being able to change the background on my blog as my moods and the seasons change. Pay someone to design a super cool blog template like one of these, you say? Hello!? Cheap, remember?

Once that option becomes available (or I become tired of waiting) I will officially move. At that time, I'll let you know where to bing me for the new address.

Don't worry all the pointless stories and cat obsessiveness will continue.

Thank you!


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