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August 22, 2006

A letter

Dear Hokie Hubby,

I know you can't read this letter right now, but I find myself thinking of things I want to tell you all day long. Of course, by the time you get home I've forgotten. When I haven't forgotten, I simply push my daily events out of my head because I can't wait another second to hear about your day.

Your world of soccer still baffles me. As you know, I never played an organized sport. I love hearing about practices and the "girls" and Head Coach. Your retelling of Head Boy stories are enchanting, too. You're involved in this whole other world that, to you, is second nature, but is very foreign to me. I love that you enjoy (well, you seem to enjoy) sharing it with me each day. Each night, I can't wait to hear what happened.

Here are all the things I want to tell you but can't and will forget by the time you're home:

I woke up at 7:15 this morning. 7:15! Over the relaxing sounds of the new alarm clock, I heard mew....mew...MEW MEW MEW. "A kitten, oh boy! " I thought as I stumbled out of bed to the window, "maybe it's the one from last night that Molly* helped me put eye medicine on. Oh good, I can check it's eye to see if it's any better. "

I peered out the window and didn't see any kitten, but I could hear it very close by. I scurried to the bathroom and threw on some clothes. None I'd wear in public, but Lucy won't care what I wear out in the backyard. I grabbed the eye meds, some flip flops, and my jacket (it was COLD this morning). I tiptoed out the backdoor and around the West side of the house.

As soon as I spotted them, I said, "oh you have got to be effin' kidding me." I can't help it. It slipped out. I found the kitten....s. Yes, kittens. Hisser's kittens to be exact - 3 of them. And boy, is she pissed that I've found them. One is the one I caught last night and it's eyes look much better. Clear and bright. The other two need medicine put on their eyes, but Hisser is not having any of that. She growls and hisses and spits if I get anywhere near them. I'm lucky she let me take pictures. I'm hoping she will leave them tonight to eat and I can sneak over and get some eye medicine on them then. Fingers crossed.

After that excitement, I went to visit Mom. The construction guys arrived at 9 and got to work. Today Mom is making molasses cookies. Yum! Molly says we're spoiling her dad and his boss. That's Mom! She's always thinking of how to make other happy. I hope I can be like that someday. Molly also mentioned that her dad thought Mom's 7 layer salad sounded good, but if Mom makes that, Molly should test it first.

A cubed's mother is on her way to the hospital. She's having another kidney stone attack. Her friend was taking her, but her car broke down. The girl's dad is working and their grandmother is watching the girls. They had to do some calling around, but she finally found another ride. Hopefully it won't be anything to serious afterall, she's got algebra homework.

Aunt brought over Corky's old pet carrier. It's huge. I think it just may fit Socks perfectly. Molly and I are talking about having the yard sale the weekend you are at the game in Columbus. I swear another kitten won't end up in our bathroom. However, we may give kittens away as door prizes at the yard sale. Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin will be in Missouri, but Molly, Mom, and I can do it, I think. We shall see.

I went into town and got Hokie, Ollie, and Socks cat food. Ollie was looking kind of desperate. I also picked up coffee and a USA To.day to see if there was anything about the drama at Tech yesterday for you. I taped a few minutes of MSN.BC for you yesterday, btw, if you want to see what was going on. I also taped the end of Treasu.re Hunt.ers. I didn't watch it, I'm waiting for you. I stopped at the library while I was out and got a book on canning. Maybe I'll can something tomorrow. We'll see. I picked up my meds.

I just finished my birthday dinner leftovers for lunch. They were still very good. As I was washing my dishes I noticed some rustling in the azalea bushes outside the kitchen window. HH. There are three kittens sleeping in my azalea bush! Mango and the Calico Kittens. In the branches! I, of course, grabbed my camera and tiptoed out the back to try and get their picture. Mango and the Calico Kittens (we really need to give them nicknames) let me take their picture without bolting. I know, I was surprised too!

As I stepped out of the back door, this is what I saw. Hisser has moved her kittens into my blac.k eyed susa.ns! She still won't let me near them, but the kittens are having a ball playing in the plants. I snapped a few pictures and started around the house to the azalea bush. As I stepped of the back porch, TC came bounding across the lawn to help. I had to carry him with me so I didn't trip over him. He was quite helpful.

Tonight, Dad had a doctor's appointment. I rode along and had dinner with him and Mom. Then we stopped and look for curtains and towels for the new bathroom. We didn't find anything. High excitement `round here. Dinner was quite the event. Dinner at LJS always is lately though. Good gravy!

I watered my flowers this evening. As I walked over to turn on the hose I noticed Hisser and the kittens were back (she had moved them this afternoon). Hisser was laying right by the outside spigot. I talked very softly and calmly to her while holding a metal pie plate in front of me. How I figured that pie plate was going to save me from a hissing, spitting cat I don't know, but it made me feel better. I watered the plants in the backyard and went to turn off the water and the kittens had disappeared. Disappeared HH! Hisser didn't leave that spot, yet the babies had vanished. We're going to have to rename Hisser, Copperfield. The only thing I can figure is that they crawled down between the flower bed and the brick in the planter. They're gone.

That's all for now, Hokie Hubby. I hope practices went well. You're in my thoughts. Your call made my evening. It's always nice to hear your voice.

I love you,

P.S. Wait until you see the golf cart!

*Name changed to protect my partner in crime.


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