Random Notions and Stories of Teaching

August 14, 2006

Just my luck

How sweet is the guy I married?

We're out in the backyard picking blackberries and not only is he getting the ones that I would require me to balance on one foot and hope I don't fall into the bushes, but he's also picking the majority of the berries. He's hot, he's sweaty, and there are bugs. At one point when he was leaning into the berry bushes and all I can see is the back of his legs, I said to him teasingly, "sounds like you're just looking for an excuse to quit on me."

He dropped the berry he was picking into my bucket and looked at me seriously.
"Erin," he said, "in five and a half years of marriage I have never quit on you and I never will."

At which point, he returned to the job at hand. Nothing more, nothing less - just a simple statement of fact.


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