Random Notions and Stories of Teaching

August 12, 2006


For the first time since I moved home from Virginia I feel...alone.

HH is at a class to finish up his coaching license. It was insanely cheap and he'll finally get his actual license. Woohoo!

My parents went away for the weekend (in Michigan, we think) for my Dad's birthday. I was invited, but I didn't want to go without HH; I'd miss the big lug.

My cousins (who live within shouting distance) are on vacation in Nashville. Yay for them as I don't think they've ever been on a real vacation before. I hope they're having a blast!

So it's just me, The Boys, and Lucy. Whatever will we do?

Off to be productive!

All this quality Erin time is helping to remind me of my past independence. I don't need no stinkin' man to do things for me. I am woman, hear me roar!



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