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August 17, 2006


My birthday is Saturday and money is tight (isn't it always?).

We have a lunch excursion to my favorite restaurant planned and perhaps a movie (there are about 3 I want to see).

Otherwise, things look uneventful. I like uneventful. Honestly, I do. I did get a new memory card for my digital camera from my mom for my birthday. I wonder if I can ever take 700 pictures before I "hafta" upload them. I doubt it.

That being said...I ordered a present for HH earlier in the week. I hope it arrives tomorrow. Giving really is more fun than receiving!

We picked 5 containers of blackberries tonight. We had missed a day. Dang there were a lot. I gave them all to my cousins since they had been on vacation and hadn't had any yet. I hope their sink is big enough to hold them all for washing!


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