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August 24, 2006


Last night, I was finally able to get to Hisser's kittens when she wasn't around. I quickly medicated their eyes and put them right back where I found them. They didn't like me much, but at least their eyes will start to improve now. I came back out a half hour later to make sure their mama had returned to them and found the orange and white kitten quite stuck. I got her out without too much trouble.

Then, I was enjoying the end of Project Runway when I heard a car screech to a halt out front. Since I'm thinking of charging the people that stop in front of my house to oogle the quarry, I figured it was just another quarry oogler. Then I realized the huge 4,000 watt light at the quarry wasn't shining in my window.

Oh no. Kitten.

I rushed to the front window and watched the gentleman climb out of his car. He flipped on a flashlight (he must have been a boy scout since he was so prepared) and walked up the road where he'd just driven. He reached down and I saw him pick up a light colored kitten. I, of course, FREAKED!

"HH!!!!!!!!" I yelled. "HH! I think someone just hit a kitten!"

Good old HH limped out of the computer room sore from 3 a days, put on some shoes, grabbed the huge flashlight, and took off across the lawn. He ordered me to the bedroom until he knew which kitten it was and the extent of the damage. I followed him out to the porch and waited while he talked to the man. As he walked back up the front yard, I saw he had a kitten in his arms. Fuzzy's kitten. She looks almost Siamese, but she has white paws. Soooo cute.

The kitten was perfectly fine. The man had been driving down the road and saw her sitting in the middle. Luckily, he didn't hit her, but he stopped and picked her up out of the road. Most of the people that fly down our road wouldn't have done that. I hope something good happens to that man. Good karma should be rewarded.

I put the kitten down next to her Mama and gave Ms. Fuzzy Kitty a stern talking to about motherly responsibilities. However, she was unimpressed.

A few minutes later, I could hear a kitten crying. I went out to check, of course. Fuzzy's kitten was off the porch and crying in my flower bed. So I picked her up and put her back near Fuzzy. Luckily, the nice gray cat (an excellent mama) took care of the kitten and we went to bed without further incident.


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