Random Notions and Stories of Teaching

August 09, 2006

2 Things

#1 - Blackberry picking is an aerobic workout!

Bending, stretching, balancing on one foot so you don't fall into the bushes - I'm sweating! Sweating, I tell you! It also helps increase the workout factor if you are trying to dodge three lovable kittens while you pick. One likes to pop out of the bushes and "scare" you. She used to be the skittish one, now she's a regular ham. Another likes to be held, and since he's my buddy, he gets held. The third wants to be held too, but likes to wind around your feet if you don't have free hands. I have to walk very slowly so I don't kick him in the head or step on him. He's such a love bug.

#2 - I need a bigger blackberry picking bucket.


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