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July 05, 2006


As a teenager, I fell in love with the idea of naming my children (all girls, of course): January, February, and Summer (don't judge me). Luckily, I have since outgrown that phase.

My current name phase surrounds a Disney movie. I'll wait while those who know me pretend to be shocked. I love the Princess Diaries movies and the books (I own them all). While I have talked myself out of naming any future female child, Mignonette, I do adore the name Amelia. I have visions of naming my future daughter, Amelia.

I mean it's not like the White family that is currently in my school district. They named their children after literary characters. There's Aramus, Scarlett, and you guessed it - Snow. I am somewhat restrained in that manner.

However, HH's cousin just had a baby last month and guess what she named her...

Amelia Sage

I'm somewhat miffed. Another cousin has a daughter named Abbigail, which I also love. Now they've taken out another favorite. I may name my future daughter Amelia anyway. Or I may have progressed to a whole new phase. For now...it's a moot point.


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