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July 07, 2006

Just a peek

into the life of my dear HH.

In our house, when HH is sick - he sleeps on the couch.

When I am sick...HH sleeps on the couch.

He's really sweet in that way.

When HH snores in my ear...or at all, I nudge him and tell him to roll over or to lay on his tummy. He promptly buries his head in his pillow somewhat muffling his snores (there's a reason why I've nicknamed him HH the Freight Train). If it still keeps me awake he moves to the couch. In fact, all I have to say is, "HH...couch." And off he goes.

So this weekend while we were in the hotel apparently, I was snoring. (I do not snore! I breathe loudly.) But anyway...I was breathing loudly. HH nudged me gently and whispered, "Erin, you're snoring...roll over."

To which I promptly replied, "Deal with it." And went back to sleep.

Luckily, for some reason, he loves me. He's a saint, I tell you. A saint!


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