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July 20, 2006

Guilty Pleasures

It is with some shame that I admit one of my summer guilty pleasures is CBS's Big Brother. I've watched it from the first season, which was my favorite, through now.

I am going to attempt to write my thoughts each week of what is going on in "the house." First, I don't have the live feeds (too cheap), but I do keep up with what is happening through a great updates site.

I missed week 1. But the important thing is Allison went home. Can't stand her. She's sneaky, she's manipulative, and dag nabbit she annoys the heck out of me. That leaves the following people in the house:
  • Danielle
  • Diane
  • Erika
  • George
  • Howie
  • James
  • Jase
  • Janelle
  • Kaysar
  • Marcellas
  • Mike
  • Nakomis
  • Will
First, it is important to note my favorites. They may not be yours, but I like them. My absolute favorite would have to be Kaysar followed by Janelle and Erika. I admire their intelligence and their competitive nature. From what I have seen of them in the house, I really like their character. Does everyone have their breaking point? Yes. I can forget lapses in good judgement.

It is also important to note my loathes. I cannot stand Mike or Will. What kind of name is Boogie? Seriously, it's sounds like something that comes out of your nose. Furthermore, if their lives are so great and they make so much money, why are they doing the show? Go be cool off television. Will makes my skin crawl. Ugh.

I also like Howie and George. Though both can get on my nerves. George is either and idiot savant or he's playing a spectacular game. Howie provides much needed comic relief. I also find myself liking Jase. I don't know what his new woman did to him, but she deserves a medal. He seems like a nice guy.

Week In Review
Kaysar won HOH (Head of Household) and nominated Nakomis and Diane for eviction. Diane seems to have lost her mind so I wasn't all that sad about seeing her up on "the block." Nakomis is just Nakomis - quirky, earthy, peace-love-and-happinessy, strange haired chick. She is who she is and while I respect that I think she comes across too harsh. I won't be sad to see either leave.

I am also annoyed that Kaysar took the safe way out and nominated two "floaters". Get rid of Booger, excuse me, Boogie and Will! They have the capacity to turn that house on a dime. Don't trust them. Don't believe them. They'll turn on you in an instant. Why don't people "get" that!?

Erika won the POV (Power of Veto) and chose not to use it. Wise move on her part since if she had used it someone would be out to get her. POV has been a dud, I hate to break it to CBS. A dud.

Oh, the irony.

Tonight is eviction night and I predict Diane will go. Of course, I could be wrong seeing as I haven't had time to actually keep up with what is going on with the house this week since we're on vacation.


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