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July 09, 2006


The World Cup is finally over. It was very enjoyable for me. I've never actually followed a World Cup event, which is weird considering how long HH and I have been together.

Today's match was a wonderful hard fought match. I couldn't wholeheartedly support the Italians since I agree with Drew Carey that they cheat. They dive. They act. Head Coach says its all mafia related and its ok. Heh. (Head Coach is Italian) I couldn't really root for the French because...well...they're French! Since I really didn't know who to root for, I rooted for everyone.

During overtime, I decided to root for the French because it was Zidane's last game ever. Then the "horrific" head butting incident occured. Then I had to root for the frickin' Italians! The head butt was so immature. As a captain and a professional player he should have known better. End of story. It's so sad that a great career had to end with such a horrible action. I guess there was talk of him being remebered like Pele or the other soccer greats. For me, it'll never happen. Bad sportsmanship is inexcuseable.

Congrats to the Italian National Team and all their fans.

I also thought the center ref (far right) was fantastic. Incredibly fair.

P.S. When you lose, don't cry. There are 34 other teams that would kill to be in your
position. Be a man. When you win, then cry.

Now on to the Running of the Bulls / Festival of San Fermin!


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