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July 14, 2006

Birds of a feather

Have I mentioned that I love Head Coach? HH is unbelievably lucky to have lucked into working for this man. He's been a wonderful role model.

Until things pick up next week with camp, things here in sunny WV have been....well, mind numbingly boring. I'm up to date on the professional development class I am taking. HH has planned soccer camp out 3 different way and today we ordered his camp shirts (always major drama with that it seems).

So while he has extra time HH has been gathering information about the other teams in The College's conference - creating a scouting report of sorts. He's always thinking and luckily, Head Coach is too. I mean, he (Head Coach) called us last weekend because he was waiting for his car to have the oil changed and he was thinking of new line ups. It's what they do. I've accepted it.

Last night as I was listening to my book on tape that I couldn't wait until the drive home to finish HH finished up his report and emailed it off to Head Coach. This morning he received the following email:

"That's great! But stop. You are on vacation, chill-out and enjoy your family; The College Soccer will still be here when you get back.

Have fun; that's an order!


Who could ask for a better boss!?


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