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July 31, 2006

Baby Fever

In an effort to lessen her workload once the bathroom is renovated, my mother is cleaning the cupboards in the bathroom. Plus, the woman is trying to figure out where she is going to put the 6 drawers worth of stuff that will need a new home once the drawers on that side of the room are gone. It's not an easy task. My brother is still in college and has some basic things still at my parents house. (Work shoes, old cowboy boots, cowboy hats, etc)

I entered the bathroom today to see what she had accomplished and noticed our old music stands sitting on the counter. I picked them up and told Mom that obviously these were going to our date-to-be-determined yard sale.

Mom: Oh no! I'm saving those.
Me: Why on Earth are you saving these, Mother?
Mom: Well, when you have kids, you may need them.
Me: Mom. Seriously. You don't think we can't/won't get them if and when our kids need them?
Mom: Well, you wouldn't have to buy them.
Me: But Mom, how long are you going to store these? I mean, really...
Mom: I don't know, Erin. How long am I going to store them?

Oh no, not her too! She must be catching my mother-in-law's baby fever.


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