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June 28, 2006

This and That

First - Happy 22nd Birthday Little Brother!

It's been quite the week here. My cousin is visiting with her 3 daughters. They are 6, 3 (almost 4), and 1. Saturday Head Coach and his wife came for dinner and brought Head Boy. I am on baby overload.




Yesterday, A#1 (the 6 year old) and A#2 (the almost 4 year old) came over for the
afternoon. We had quite the afternoon. We made break and bake cookies (because I'm quite the baker). Then we wrote everyone's name on some snack size bags and decorated them with stickers. We put two cookies in each bag and then passed them out at dinner. The girls just loved it.

We made sheep pictures for Auntie Em. The girls colored the background then added cotton balls because sheep are fluffy. Monday was Auntie Em's birthday so it worked out well.

We also made Gak. I haven't made Gak since Lab School. I like it much better than playdough. Playdough ends up getting stuck everywhere. It gets dry and crumbly and icky. Gak is neat because you can draw on it with markers, cut it with scissors, drape it on stuff and watch it take that shape - it's just nifty junk. We made ours purple...well...lavendar. It's just as easy to make as playdough. If I were to make playdough it would be the smelly playdough they made at Lab School using Kool-Aid. It smells delicious. Of course, the paint we added Jell-O to smelled pretty good too.

The gray barn kitten left today for it's new home. She's going to a horse farm owned by a colleague. They have other cats and live far back from the road. I hope she has a good life. Four more to go!

The girls went to the zoo today, but we're having a weenie roast tonight. Woohoo! It will be a nice change from chicken and rigatoni leftovers from the graduation party Sunday. I'm going to try to make a movie for the girls from the pictures and videos I've taken while they've been here. They ought to like that. I know it sounds like fun to me!

Friday we're going to visit Little Brother. Yippee! I hope we'll get to go here. Otherwise, we'll end up back here. Even though I love Cosi, everyone else is getting tired of it. Pray for some nice weather!


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