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June 02, 2006

Meme of 5

Hey, why not?

5 items in my fridge
1. Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper
2. Fresh pineapple
3. Cucumbers
4. Tomatoes
5. "Authentic" caesar salad fixings: romaine lettuce, minced garlic, red wine vinegar, and worchestershire sauce

5 items in my closet
1. Summer dresses
2. Comfy sweatpants
3. Winter pajamas
4. Three identical t-shirts that I love
5. Books, piled to the ceiling

5 items in my car
1. Disc 2 of Rent
2. Moonlit Path perfume from Bath and Body Works
3. Kleenex
4. My purse
5. Maps of various cities in Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Roanoke

5 items in my purse
1. Gardenia perfume from Bath and Body Works
2. A bunch of pens
3. 3 chapsticks - all different flavors
4. Checkbook
5. A little notebook with odds and ends in it (printer #, cartridge #s needed for said printer, size of dining room table, bulk prices of Gatorade at different stores, etc) that I need when shopping


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