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June 13, 2006

Cars and Soccer

First, it's World Cup time. Yay! Actually, since HH doesn't make me watch every. single. game. I'm enjoying watching the World Cup. We were in Florida years ago when the World Cup was in the USA and I remember being in the hotel and my mother telling us not to make any comments about the Irish (?) team because soccer fans are, and I quote, "crazed hooligans". Mwahahahaha. She was so right!

Me? Well, you see, I live for the cards. In fact, I am thinking of cutting out my very own yellow and red cards that I can wave in the air while I enjoy the game at home (stole that idea from one of the state championship teams last year). Cards are awesome. The cards given at a professional game are much less impressive than the ones given at the men's games at The College. There's cursing then. Lots of cursing and that's just the head coach.

Head Coach is coming over Saturday after the USA game versus Italy. All I can say is I hope they play better than they did yesterday or I am going to have two very cranky men at my house speaking in tongues.

I find myself really rooting for this man.

I think I have gone insane. A man who has been a goalkeeper professionally for 15 years has to be insane (as I told HH). Must be the gloves.

Last night, HH and I went to the drive-in to see Cars and The Shaggy Dog. We've seen the Shaggy Dog before, but he really wanted to see Cars and I wouldn't contemplate sticking a pencil in my eye if we saw it, so we went. First, I do like Larry the Cable Guy and he was a hoot. Second, it was a wonderful movie! I laughed and laughed and laughed. Between all the NASCAR voices in the movie and the jokes it was well worth the money. We must get my father-in-law to see it. He would love it.


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