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May 16, 2006


Tomorrow afternoon we are leaving for West Virginia. We're going to be in town for a family breakfast as well as the annual festival. That means it is going to rain. And rain. And rain.

I'm hoping to be able to restrain myself from being a pig when it comes to fair food and strawberry shortcake, but I make no promises. Diet, what diet?

We will definitely go to the craft shows again. MIL and I are craft showing fools. We'll also go to see the quilts, because some of them are just amazing. However, you will not (and let me reitterate that, WILL NOT) find me here. I don't like all the people. I'll get fair food for lunch thank you very much.

Hopefully the rain will hold off long enough to have some good hot tub time. Aw, who am I kidding - hot tubbing in the rain might be interesting.

I also hope to see how the community is coping with the mine disaster that happened in January. I may make HH take me out to see the Miracle Road sign that marks Randy McCloy's road. I haven't decided how much I want to see/experience and how much I want to just forget.

The highlight of the weekend (I hope) will be meeting up with HH's best friend and meeting her new daughter. She's as cute as can be. Can't wait to see her.

Have a nice weekend everyone and try to stay dry. I may post from WV.

P.S. Chicks! At school! (Not in my classroom, but still pretty darn cute. I like the ducklings though - I hope they get some of those.)


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