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May 05, 2006

Sick of it

According to my mother, the rumor is that after she retires this year, they aren't going to fill her position. (They have a meeting about it today.)

I knew this was going to happen. After the levy failure, they cut teaching positions. Now administrators see that they can "get by" with fewer teachers, so why replace the positions they RIFed? They have at least 3 RIFed elementary positions to fill before I can even hope to get an interview.

The thought of another year of subbing makes me ill (the indecisiveness, the lack of security, etc - I love the kids though). I'm afraid I've gotten to the "we don't want to lose you as a sub, so we're not going to hire you" point. Moving isn't an option unless you can guarentee an equitable move (and trust me, it isn't going to happen).

I don't want to live like this any more.

Where's the loyalty? WHERE, damnit!?

Why don't they want me? What have I done wrong?


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