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May 22, 2006


We're home! Hooray! Little update-type tidbits:

MIL shared her cold with me. I blame it on her coughing all over everything, but as the daughter in law, I have to be nice. Well, I'm making myself be nice. So I feel like crap. All pathetic and whatnot.

HH is being a sweetie and making me lay down (even though it's hard to breathe when I sit). The weekend was pretty uneventful and you know what - I will take it.

Still no bill from the creditors that called 2 weeks ago. They swore they mailed it out four days after they called us (FOUR DAYS!). I'm starting to get mighty pissed. Don't threaten me and then not do YOUR job.

I am working Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday so far this week. Hooray. The money will be nice come June. Wednesday afternoon I was bamboozled! I signed up to sub for Gym Teacher at Favorite School (a.k.a. Mom's school). When I arrived I saw that I had one class at Favorite School and then I had to go to Dreaded School for the rest of the day. Talk about a panic attack! It worked out all right though, but I still don't want to go back.

No word about a second interview after the phone interview I did last Monday. Drat. I hope they call tonight. I really want this job.

We (and by we, I mean he) are starting to get excited about the World Cup. FIL gave HH his National Geographic from this month that is all about soccer. Don't tell HH, but even I found it an interesting read. I must admit - this commercial has become one of my favorites.

And for Carrie - some of my favorites from the quilt show.
This quilt was called Secret Garden. There are tiny butterflies and fairies done in the stitching around the flowers. MIL and I didn't notice it the first time, but you can just barely see them in the larger pictures I have. It's amazing. This quilt was done by a woman who's made 87 quilts since 1985. She had a one woman quilt show.

Another of her quilts that I just thought was neat.
How could I resist a picture of the cat quilt?
The quilt dedicated to the Sago Mine Disaster. It was simple yet beautiful. One of my favorites.
Each of these "ladies" had a scrap of material in their hand a scrap of material with the name and date of a member of the West Virginia Women's Historical Society (or something like that). It was really neat.
I loved the colors and the design of this quilt. I believe it was my favorite.


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