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May 26, 2006

Run Forest, Run!

Ohhhhh Field day #1 is over. Hooray! It should have been postponed*.

I can't complain though - I easily had the best job on the field. I was one of the people in charge of the scoring, which is much more complicated than it sounds when you have 5 copies of 5 events for 4 grade levels. That's a lot of paper to keep track of and then we start getting ribbons ready to give out back at the school award's assembly.

I will not complain about the two parent volunteers that "helped". They really did help. They wrote names while I organized everything and walked it to where it needed to be. Oh ,and I did math because apparently multiplication is challenging when you get older (I used a calculator, but it still counts - they wouldn't even attempt!).

I got to the field a little before the kids (since I drove over from the school). They arrived around 9:00 and went immediately to the field since the bleachers were still wet and dirty for the track meet the previous night and the huge thunderstorms all night last night. Around 9:30 the skies opened up. It positively poured. The kids were soaked. The teachers were huddling under umbrellas hoping the rain would cease. It stopped for about an hour and then poured for the rest of the time we were there (about another hour). It was icky.

The kids came back hyped up, wet, cold, and hungry. Talk about chaos. Luckily, I missed most of it since I was finishing up scoring information.

Highlights include:

  • 4th grade girl causing herself to hyperventilate after she didn't win her race. Dad came to check on her and when she was told she would have to go home with him if she wasn't feeling better she got it together in all of 5 minutes. She ran the 4th grade relay after this.
  • Severe diabetic first grader (who was terrified of Field Day due to medical reasons) wiping out in the first grade boys 50m race when he was winning. However, he did win a 6th place ribbon in the long jump and was so proud. It's the most I've heard from him all year.
  • Several students who struggle in school won ribbons. The looks on their faces when they won make all the rain worth it.
  • Ditzy 4th Grade Girl standing on the track waiting for the relay to start with the relay baton in her hand asking, "What do I do with this?" as she uses it as a telescope.
In the afternoon, I did a couple jobs and then passed out Field Day #2 papers, printed award certificates, took pictures of Mom's kids, and cleaned out another drawer in her filing cabinet. Basically, she is cleaning out her classroom by moving everything to my house. Oy! I can't be too choosey as I don't know what grade I will ultimately end up with - plus, I'm a pack rat.

Now, I must go run and put away two filing cabinet drawers worth of stuff and watch the United States vs. Venuzuela "friendlies" match with HH. It's in Cleveland tonight. Woohoo! Head Coach is there *on the sideline*. Next time, I am determined that HH will get to attend.

*Tuesday was our rain day and it looks like it will be sunny and hot. Perfect for Field Day. Oh well, the teachers are sure glad its over!


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