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May 02, 2006


After I finished telling the story of the Little Lost Kitten* to my mom's best friend today at school one of her kids (my mother's) gave me the following advice:

"Mrs. if your cousin forgets that the kittens are there and something happens to one, my uncle is a lawyer. You can talk to him and plead your case."

Thank you, Legal Beagle. What excellent advice.

* Yesterday, HH and I went to check on Mokey's kittens. When we opened the door to the hay barn all we could hear was, "MEW MEW MEW." It was so loud, I
initially thought it was a lamb crying. HH and I sprinted to the far end of the hay barn to find one of the gray kittens F-R-E-A-K-I-N-G out.

All of his brothers/sisters were gone as was Mokey. I immediately scooped him up so he would stop crying and before long, Mokey came prancing into the barn. I put the kitten down where s/he quickly found his mama and began telling her how upset he was that he had been left. Eventually he found his brothers/sisters beside one of the tractor tires (not real thrilled about that one) and all was well. But s/he was mighty pissed before then!


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