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May 28, 2006


...is a virtue I don't have.

Still nothing about the phone interview 2 weeks ago. I'm beginning to think I messed it up somehow.

Still nothing on HH's job at The College - which we're really hoping he gets. Reeeeeeeeaaaally.

HH's boss from last summer (the Athletic Director at The Club) is quitting. She said she would recommend HH for her position. It's really a double edged sword there. Some pros. Some cons. Let me just say, with HH's health history I am very concerned about him taking a possible job at The Club when his predecessor is quitting mainly due to stress and physical consequences of said stress.

Tomorrow we continue to shop for gifts for Mom's hall. She wants to give them each a little something when she retires.

That's my mom. She retires and gives others gifts. Gotta love her.

I planted flowers all day yesterday (well, I shopped for them too). They're awesome! Photos to come.

Enjoy the weekend!


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