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May 24, 2006

Oh my

To quote a movie I once really enjoyed (and still enjoy catching on USA from time to time):

"The shit has hit-th the fan...th"*

Not only are they not replacing my mother's position there are all kinds of "changes" taking place. Teachers are being reloacted to different schools or having their position eliminated entirely. First grades will have 80 children next year divided between 3 teachers. The list continues.

Everyone is upset - and rightfully so!

Unfortunately that means should I not get a permanent position this year (and I don't think I will). My current district will be pushed to the end of my loyalty list. I plan to sign up with as many districts as possible that are in the area and hope to work every day next year. I will try to be available for my current district (well, the teachers that request me anyway), but beyond that - whoever calls first gets me (aren't they lucky ::snort::).

I guess I have to look out for number one. It goes against how I was raised, but I can be as cut throat and as selfish as the rest of them.

Someone please make me stick to this when August rolls around. Thanks!

I love the demonstration of our excellent grammar. "Don't fall out you'r chairs." Oy.

* Name that movie!


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