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May 06, 2006

Mail Call

I love getting mail. Today I received my free samples that I requested from Crayola -an erasable crayon,an erasable colored pencil, and a color wonder marker (I think). Free stuff!

Anyway... I also received a nomination.

Ooo, a nomination! For me!?

From the Cooking Club of America.

The what?

You heard/read me.

My nomination assures me that my friends will "
turn GREEN WITH ENVY When They See ALL YOU'RE GETTING FOR FREE as an OFFICIAL MEMBER of the Cooking Club of America."

Yeah. Right. And how much is this going to cost me?

Don't bother to send money. Your membership dues are so low that it's easier to bill you later."

Oh yes, I am sure it is.

"In a month, we give away about $32,000 worth of cooking goodies."

And again, I ask, how much does this cost me. Wait...only $1 a month. Hmmm, too good to be true means it probably is too good to be true.

It's not for beginners! Nor is it for the kind of cooks who are content with doing things the way "Grandma" taught them."

Then why am I getting this junk mail...er...nomination?

The up side of this obvious junk mail? Enclosed in the envelope was a magnetic picture frame, recipe cards, and a plastic spaghetti measurer/bowl scraper. I'm intrigued by the spaghetti measurer mainly because I had to read the whole freaking letter to find out what the hell it was.


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