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May 31, 2006


The saga continues...

I guess collections agencies must deal with some interesting folks. However, when I have been trying for THREE weeks to get you your payment I expect to be treated with respect - or at least like a human being, not a dog.

Why on Earth should I be cautious when doling out hundreds of dollars to a voice on my phone demanding money? I mean, your number comes up "Blocked" on my caller ID, so you COULD be from the company or you could be Betty in her home working some scheme. I don't know.

Why on Earth should I be cautious in doling out hundreds of dollars to a company that "doesn't send bills"? It's not like I could send you a check (without my husband's name on it) and you might lose it. Ohhhhh no.

Furthermore, when I am TRYING to get enough information to feel comfortable mailing a payment to your office, since you don't send bills, try not to be such a bitch.

Telling me that I am actually not trying to pay you and that I am trying to "bail" only infuriates me. You don't know me.

Telling me that you don't have to answer or explain anything to me since my name isn't on the account doesn't make me want to work this out any faster. Listen, bitch, I will be the one paying you.

Not answering the phone after you hang up on me doesn't really give me confidence in your professionalism either.

Karma is a boomerang, lady. I hope it knocks you upside your head real soon.


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