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April 22, 2006


So instead of going to the alumni game today like a good wifey, I went shopping. Yay!

First, we got my mother two pairs of new glasses. People, this is big. These are her third and fourth pairs of glasses. Ever. I kid you not. She's had her current glasses since I was a baby. A BABY! It's insanity I tell you. Insanity. She never spends money on herself, it's always the rest of the family. I was so happy she got herself new glasses.

She also purchased 2, count them 2 new pajamas. I insisted she get two (heck, I would have bought her 5 if she would have done it). Again, this is a big deal. Her current night gown (and only one) she's had...again...for as long as I can remember. It's old. It's flannel. It's fuschia. And it's getting threadbare. Dad and I are planning a stealth operation to get rid of the awful thing. She has a new night gown that I got her for Christmas but she is (and I quote), "saving it for something special."

Now, I ask you, when is she going to need a night gown for something special? It's like HH telling me he was going to save the champagne we got on our wedding night for "something special." C'mon people! You're killing me!

I really lucked out. I found all sorts of clothes. Yay!

I got this skirt in black. However, the shirt they paired with it was white and I don't do white clothing. I did get the blue shirt that is shown here. I love the color of blue and the little keyhole cut-out.

I also got a purple dress. I usually don't buy purple, but this dress looked pretty good on me AND I can wear it to soccer games since one of The College's colors is purple. (See, I'm always thinking.)

Of course, I can't find pictures of my two favorite outfits. The first is a teacher dress. Denim. Pockets. But the part I really like is it has a bunch of different collars that I can change out. 7 "different" dresses in all. Versatility is a must for me. Plus, I already have the same dress in a darker denim that also has the changeable collars and I just love it.

The last outfit is pink and green. Neither color I wear often. In fact, I only own one green shirt (well, I did buy this coat last month with my mother in law). However, this is awesome. It's the same style as the black skirt above and the tops that go with it, but this top is bright pink. The skirt is my favorite because the top is pink, but it fades to green at the bottom and has some green lacey type trim around the bottom. Love, love, love it. My explanation doesn't do it justice. I'll have to get a picture.


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