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April 05, 2006

PSA #2

Magic is definitely the right word for this product. I tried this product like I do many new products. After seeing a commercial for the Magic Eraser, I saw them in the store. I love trying new things so I picked up a box of them. After using them both in a day, I picked up more.

The Magic Erasers true test came over the summer when we were cleaning my house top to bottom (a la spring cleaning). It was then that I saw the true power of the eraser. If the Magic Eraser can't get something off the wall, floor, or countertop - nothing can get it off. It took of marks on the walls that have been here since my grandparents lived here. It took off marks that I had scrubbed and scrubbed - with minimal elbow grease on my part.

I have no idea what is in a Magic Eraser and I don't care. It's amazing!

Kitchen Counter Before (red jell-o stain):

Kitchen Counter After:


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