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April 13, 2006

Proper Etiquette


Upon entering a restaurant for lunch, you notice a table of "business" people looking at your table. One whispers something to the group, they look to your table again, and then turn back around. This happens several times with a different person whispering each time.

Do you:
  1. Ignore them and continue eating your lunch even though your appetite has been ruined.
  2. Cross your eyes and stick out your tongue - make sure they know that they're talking about you. Hopefully make them feel as juvenile as their behavior.
  3. When you catch them staring. Return their look. Do not look away. Maybe this will make them aware that they're not as smooth as they think.
  4. Get your lunch to go and leave right then.
  5. Tell your lunch companion/husband of the situation and spend the rest of the meal pleading and explaining to him that going over and "saying something" won't help - in fact, it will make things worse.
  6. Other


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