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April 01, 2006

Plug, Plug

Elementary school teachers do I have the book for you!

A 1st grade teacher at my mom's school purchased this book at the school book fair. Last week, before we left for Spring Break she brought it in to the new 3rd grade teacher on Mom's team.

have to read this book," she said handing it to Reading Teacher. "I don't want it to just sit on my shelf. Someone else needs to enjoy it too."

Being a booklover myself, I made note of the title and went home that night to reserve it from the library. It came in (
finally) on Friday. I finished it this morning.

32 Third Graders and One Class Bunny is hilarious. I found myself snickering at each snippet Phillip Done included in the book. It's funny because it's true. So true. I even got teary at the end of the book when Mr. Done talked about leaving his kids. It's definitely a must read.

For me, it was the perfect book to read before going back to school after Spring Break. It made me laugh at teaching and appreciate how great kids are when they are little.

You must read this book. (Pigs this means you.)


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