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April 10, 2006

Open Letter

Dear Telemarketers,

I try to be tolerant of you as I realize you have to make a living too. However, I did sign up for the Do Not Call List for a reason (and believe me - YOU are the reason). So here is a word of advice from me, someone who at least TRIES to be nice.

#1 - Don't call me at 8AM and wake me up. I'm not nice until at least 11 on my days off.

#2 - Get a calling system that works. If I have to say hello more than once, chances are I am going to hang up on you.

#3 - If I am currently your customer and you are calling to tell me about some great new deal so I will change my deal, please don't bother. I abhor change and don't even like to think about it. Furthermore, change makes me anxious as do decisions. Anxiety does not make me nice.

#4 - Pronounce my last name correctly! It would be one thing if I had some difficult German, Russian, or other more ethnic name, but I do not. My last name is easy to pronounce just as it is to spell (are you taking note pizza places?). The grammar rule is if there is an e on the end of the word, the vowel says it's name.

The woman whose name you mangle


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