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April 06, 2006


Jealousy, thy name is Erin.

I am positively green. One of my best friends (henceforth known as Twin) purchased an Ipod for herself.

Let me explain a little about my relationship with Twin. Twin and I have often been mistaken for sisters. I will never forget the lady at the store who swore we had to be twins and then called her family over to "see" us when we told her we weren't even related. She told her mother that we "claimed" to not even be related. Twin and I can practically finish each others sentences. We don't have to finish sentences or complete thoughts because 99% of the time she knows exactly what I am thinking as I think it.

First, and foremost, I am thrilled for Twin. She never spends any money on herself, helps her parents out with bills, and manages to keep herself above water. She's frugal, she's thrifty, and she's just good with the little money she does have. Even though she is still experiencing guilt for purchasing something for herself, I am hoping that will fade.

Can you believe I've never actually seen/used an Ipod/mp3 player before tonight. I'm telling you people - I live in the sticks! Besides the fact that I really can't afford one.

Anyway, I spent the evening going through her songs (all 870 of them). It's amazing the similarity of music tastes she and I have. There's everything in there from Veggie Tales, to 50 Cent, to Kid Rock, to bluegrass, to country, to New Kids on the Block (shut up, they were cool). It must have been a sight to watch us both mouthing the words (her without music, me with it) at the same time. We'd break out singing at the exact same time - without looking at each other.

So here is what I have decided. I need an Ipod.

It would be prefect for the recruiting trips I go on with Hokie Hubby. That way, I can entertain myself, while he watches the game and not whine, "Are you done yet?" I mean really, how many soccer games can a girl be expected to sit through in one day!?

It would also be great when I go down to The College with Hokie Hubby so we can have dinner together or just be together. Let me tell you, three hours sitting in a car gets MIGHTY boring, even when I have a book to read.

It would be nice to listen to before (and heck, during) soccer games where Hokie Hubby is coaching. I usually go by myself so I wouldn't look so uncomfortable sitting there in the stands.

Plus, I feel like I would exercise more if I had something to entertain myself. I can walk up and down the road singing at the top of my lungs and not bother a sole. Well...I'd probably scare the neighbors, but eh- whatcha gonna do?

And finally, I could mow the lawn and sing at the top of my lungs. Aweeeeesome.

Since I, too, would feel incredibly guilty about purchasing an Ipod for myself while money is so tight I have decided how I will get one. I am giving myself two (2) goals to reach in order to purchase an Ipod.

Goal #1 - Lose 100 pounds. While this isn't my whole goal, it's a significant weight loss and I believe it should be rewarded.

Goal #2 - Get a full-time job. Even though I will be so busy I won't have time to USE the Ipod, if I get a full-time job I think I deserve a reward after 3 years of subbing.

Ipod...you shall be mine.


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