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March 12, 2006


Dear readers...let me just tell you about my family dining experience last night. The family - they were normal in their own quirky way. Little Brother is back from D.C. and returning to school today so we had dinner together on his last night in town. What an experience.

First, was the young man in the blue mohawk. Not the buzzed kind of mohawk, but the spiky kind of mohawk. The kind of mohawk that uses that professional strength hair spray and turns your hair rock hard. But honestly, he didn't bother me. Strange hair cut - hey, I've seen them before.

However, the woman that entered the restaurant before us deserves to be acknowledge.

Picture it.
  • Black, Mary Jane, platform shoes.
  • White knee high socks that look like they're cutting off circulation around the knee area.
  • Pink and white mini skirt that is barely long enough when viewed from the front. When viewed from the back, it's borderline flashing.
  • Skin tight white shirt - with bow to accentuate the "girls". The one good thing about the shirt was that it was clear this woman was wearing a bra. Heck, I could probably read the size from across the room.
Now. Had this outfit been on a teenager or even a person my age it might have caused less of a stir. However it was worn by a woman less than a decade younger than my mother (I'm guessing early 40s for this woman). While she wasn't as big as me, she was NOT at her model weight - if you get my drift.

Wow. Just, wow.

My question is this...WHY!? Why do that to yourself? I mean, you had to know people were talking about you (and the not so polite ones making fun of you). Why? Why? Why!?


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