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March 09, 2006

Student Teacher Horror

I felt bad for my student teacher today. I really did.

She's been sick the past two days. However, she didn't bring in/leave any plans. For two days! Luckily, the teacher had her plans written in her plan book and could do the activities. When I arrived at school today, the principal pulled me aside and explained that Student Teacher had been out and that she hadn't left plans, BUT the classroom teacher had left me plans in case she was out again.

The next thing I know, it's 8:35 and the little 1st graders are tromping in the room. Still no Student Teacher.

Whelp, my "easy" day just became a regular day. Boo. Oh well. We're breezing through the morning. I'm trying to make activities last extra long - but we're still way ahead of schedule. As we're finishing reading (10ish) the principal walks in and gets the Student Teacher's "file". I don't know what it is and I wasn't smart enough to sneak a peek before she took it, but I know Principal is peeved. This can't be good.

The ST and the classroom teacher have a little spiral notebook that they write observations, suggestions, etc in and share. I glanced through it (yes, I'm nosy) and noted observation comments and comments about ST not chewing gum (duh). The classroom teacher's note from Tuesday wasn't very pleasant. Basically, CT told ST that had she not left plans in her actual classroom that she would have been in big trouble - thus she is in some trouble now - and could have been "written up".

At 10:30, Student Teacher comes in. She's wearing a jean jacket, t-shirt, and silk cargo capris. Oh. My. Silk? With 1st graders? Ooooook. She puts her Louis Vitton bag on the desk and starts pulling out materials. (Math script I needed during math meeting, spelling words, etc)

I finished up reading and let her get settled. Once she was somewhat settled she came up to me, teary-eyed, and apologized for being late. Seems the power went off in her apartment building last night and reset her alarm clock. I was immediately sympathetic as that is one of my worst fears.

Like I said, I felt really bad for my student teacher today.

Until... I noticed she was chewing gum in the afternoon (and if I notice, she's chewing like a heifer).


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