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March 27, 2006

Spring Break To Do List

Ok...I've begun my Spring Break To-Do list. It may all get done. None of it may get done. I may do something not on the list (aren't I the rebel), but this gives me a direction. Ideas for when I find myself sitting at the computer thinking, "hmmm, what could I be doing?"

Without further ado, here it is:

  • Get my haircut
  • Clean out my closets of clothes I can't/won't wear (Thanks for the idea, Shelly)
  • Plant some bulbs outside if the weather cooperates. Inside plants don't work with 3 cats. Socks eats everything. (Thanks for the idea, MommyProf)
  • Take Lulu to get her toenails trimmed. - Appt. made for Friday @ 3P.M.
  • Clean out the garage in preparation for this summer's family get-together/possible surprise retirement party for my mother.
  • Laundry, laundry, laundry. I'd like to be caught up by next week. Ha!
  • Finally get the office presentable (clean) (i.e. hubby's junk uh stuff in files, laptop/desktop hub set up and working, and clean out the closet in the office).
  • Figure out what to do with TWO sewing machines I can't use because I can't load either. One is my mother-in-law's mother's machine and one is my grandmothers (they both have stands to go with them).
  • Decide just how much sentimental clutter I am willing to put up with.
  • Find the Fuzzy barn kitty's kitten. Also find Mokey's kittens. Photograph said kitten. Photograph Mokey's kitten.
  • Take down snow fence - hurrah!
  • Pick up sticks in the yard in preparation for mowing. Yipee!


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